Program Description
The computer-based teenSMART crash reduction program developed by Advanced Drivers Education Products & Training, Inc. (ADEPT Driver) picks up where basic driver's education leaves off. It's designed to give licensed teen drivers the advanced, real-world skills they need to drive safely and avoid collisions. Upon successful completion, teens can receive up to a 24% SMART Driver Discount.

How does the program work?
There are three elements to the teenSMART program. All are done at your convenience at home: 
1. Computer-based driving tutorials are completed on the home computer provide hands-on, in-depth practice. Teens are asked to demonstrate specific driving skills and are given immediate, interactive feedback. 
2. Parent-Teen Activities include videos, exercises and in-car driving sessions conducted under parental supervision. During the driving sessions, teens apply what they have learned during the training to real-world driving situations.

3. The final program element is a Certification Test completed on the home computer.  The test provides a way to assess whether a teen has mastered all the key content areas. Teens receive teenSMART certification once they pass the test and their results are uploaded to ADEPT Driver.

1. Customers visit and click the BUY NOW button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to order the program.  (Customers can also call 800-737-7890 if they prefer to speak with a live person to order).
2. AAA Customers should use discount code “AAA17” to bring the cost of teenSMART down to $69.95 (a $50 discount).  User licenses for additional teens in a household are available for $49.95.  Tax and S&H added where applicable.

3. Customers download and install the teenSMART software on a home computer.
4. Teen and parents complete the approximately eight hour program at home and in the car at their own pace.
5.  Teen successfully passes the certification test and the results are automatically uploaded to ADEPT.
6. The teen will receive a certificate of completion via email within a few minutes of certification.
7. ADEPT sends teenSMART graduation information to AAA Insurance twice a month.
8. AAA Insurance Company applies the SMART Driver Discount to the customer’s policy.

Q. Who qualifies for the AAA SMART Driver Discount?
Licensed teens age 18 and younger who are violation and accident free on a AAA Insurance automobile policy are eligible for the discount.

Q. What are the requirements to take the program?
A driver’s license or permit for the teen driver; a parent or other adult to help complete the Parent-Teen activities and a personal computer. You can find computer specifications here:

Q. When and for how long will the SMART Driver Discount be applied?
If a customer purchases and completes the teenSMART program within 60 days of policy inception, renewal or adding a teen to their policy, the discount will be applied retroactively back to the inception date, renewal date or the date the teen was added. If a customer completes the program after the 60-day window, the discount will be applied as of the date the teen passes the teenSMART certification test. The discount is available beginning at age 16 and is removed at the first policy renewal after the teen turns 19.

Q. Can the teen lose the discount early?
Teens can lose the SMART Driver Discount early if they are convicted of a moving violation, are principally at-fault in an accident, or their driver’s license is suspended or revoked for any reason.

Q. What is the cost of the program?
The regular course cost is $119.95. AAA customers pay $69.95 ($50 discount).  User licenses for additional teens in a household are available for $49.95. The program is downloadable.  The program is also available on a DVD (a shipping and handling fee is added.) Tax is added where applicable.

Q. How long does teenSMART take to complete?
 Plan on eight hours to complete the entire program. Approximately half of the time is allotted to Parent- Teen Activities and in-car-driving exercises.  The remaining time is used for the computer-based driving tutorials & at-home Certification Test.

Q. How does the certification process work?
When the teen has completed all of the program steps they will be allowed to take the Certification Test. Once the teen passes the test, their results are uploaded to ADEPT where a Certificate of Completion will be generated and emailed to the teen and parent. ADEPT sends certification results to AAA Insurance Company weekly.

Q. Who do I call if I have other questions about teenSMART or the SMART Driver Discount and how it is applied?
teenSMART technical questions are handled by ADEPT Driver Product Support at 800-808-5678.  All SMART Driver Discount questions can be answered by your AAA Sales Representative or Customer Care. The AAA Customer Care phone number is (800) 207-3618.