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  • 1. Will my AAA card provide discounts abroad? Views: 1821
    Several AAA overseas clubs provide reciprocal AAA savings and benefits. To check on the country you are visiting, click here and search by country.
  • 2. Information on Hertz discounts & AAA/Hertz benefits. Views: 1262
    AAA members can save up to 15% on Hertz car rentals Additionally, Hertz offers our members special benefits such as the additional driver is complimentary if they are either your domestic partner or have a AAA membership of their own. Members also receive 1 complimentary child safety seat, 50% off Never lost navigation satellite radio.
  • 3. Does AAA offer discounted theme park and attraction tickets? Views: 902
    Yes! Discounted tickets for a variety of popular theme parks and attractions are available in person at your local AAA office . Many theme parks and attractions also offer AAA member discounts at the gate or discounts when you purchase tickets online. While we do offer many attraction tickets online at AAA.com/OnlineStore , you may want to also contact your local AAA store to inquire about specific attraction tickets. To search for your local store, please navigate to AAA.com/Stores .
  • 4. Tell me about the AAA Member Discounts program. Views: 740
    The AAA Discounts Rewards ® program provides an easy way to save big and make the most of your AAA membership. Visit AAA.com/Discounts to see all the places you can save on dining, shopping, entertainment, health care and more. You can also earn rewards when you shop online with over 30,000 retailers at AAA.com/Discounts !
  • 5. Where can I find a list of AAA Discounts & Rewards™ vendors? Views: 624
    To learn about AAA discounts vendors, take these quick steps: Visit AAA.com/discounts Click on the Search All Discounts Enter the zip code of your desired city in the Search For Offers By Location to view discounts.
  • 6. What is the AAA savings code for car rentals? Views: 588
    The CDP number to enter when reserving a Hertz vehicle is 212. Please note that your local AAA Store is happy to obtain a quote for you and reserve your vehicle with Hertz, as well. Click here to find your local store . For additional information on the savings and exclusive Member benefits with Hertz, please visit AAA.com/Hertz .
  • 7. How do I get a discount for a lodging partner with my AAA membership card? Views: 461
    As long as the hotel is one of AAA's discount partners, AAA Members receive the discounted rate at the time of booking. Your local AAA store is happy to provide quotes for hotel reservations and book your hotel for you, as well. Your local store can be found at AAA.com/Stores . To learn more about AAA discounts with various hotel partners, please visit AAA.com/Hotels .
  • 8. Does the AAA Prescription Savings Program cover my pet’s medication? Views: 346
    Yes, but pet coverage applies only to human medications that are filled at the pharmacy. AAA Members will need to request a prescription from the veterinarian. The pharmacist can call the number on the back of the AAA Prescription Savings card for data entry information. The AAA Prescription Savings program does not cover heartworm or flea/tick prevention medications. For further information on the AAA Prescription Savings program, please visit AAA.com/Prescriptions .
  • 9. How can I find out about AAA member discounts offered in other states? Views: 307
    Click here to learn about AAA discounts offered by merchants in other states:
  • 10. How do I add or remove my email address from AAA's e-newsletter lists? Views: 283
    You can remove your email address from a particular list by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email you receive. You can also manage your email subscriptions by visiting AAA.com and then log into your AAA.com account.
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