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  • 1. How do I get a replacement membership card? Views: 5660 Featured Content
    To request a duplicate membership card, please click here to log into your account. Click 'Request Duplicate Card' under the Quick Links section. You can select 'Request Permanent Card'. The card will be sent via the US mail in 7-10 business day. If you are traveling and require immediate assistance, you can also select 'Email Temporary Card' to receive a temporary membership card via email.
  • 2. I have permanently moved, how do I transfer my membership from another state? Views: 10401
    Rest assured, your current AAA membership is still valid until it expires anywhere in the United States or Canada. Prior to your expiration date, call AAA at 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377) or stop by your local AAA store to transfer your membership.
  • 3. Does AAA Travel charge fees? Views: 9598
    ACA Leisure Travel Service Fee Schedule Members and Non-Members (Effective March 20, 2017) The following fees are charged per traveler at the time of deposit, unless otherwise noted. Regions: Mid-Atlantic, Allied, Northwest Ohio, Oklahoma Transaction Type Member Service Fees Non-Member Service Fees Air Fees* Airline ticket (Domestic and International) $35 $50 Air associated with Cruise/Tour booking $35 $50 Air associated with domestic or international Group departure $35 $50 Air Refunds, Reissue  More...
  • 4. How do I cancel or downgrade my membership? Views: 7945
    Please call 1-866-636-2377 or visit your local AAA store. For security reasons, we must speak to the Primary member in order to cancel or downgrade a membership.
  • 5. How do I become a AAA Roadside Assistance provider? Views: 6634
    Thank you for your interest in becoming a AAA Roadside Assistance provider. To apply to be a roadside provider for AAA Mid-Atlantic, please click here to download a printable form. Once completed, the form can be faxed to us at either of the following numbers, depending on your location: New Jersey/Pennsylvania: (609) 570-4154 Maryland/Delaware/Virginia/Washington DC: (302) 366-8177
  • 6. I need a passport, where do I go? Views: 5568
    Click here to view all of AAA Retail passport services
  • 7. What is the difference between each membership level, Classic/Plus/Premier? What is the cost for over mileage? Views: 4679
    For information on levels of AAA Membership, please see the following comparison chart: http://midatlantic.aaa.com/membership/plans Tows that exceed the limit of miles allotted per membership level are at the Member’s expense at AAA Member discounted rates. Each additional mile accrued is $4.00. For more information on Member Benefits, please visit our online Member Guide . If you have additional questions about our AAA packages and benefits and wish to speak with a member of our Member Se  More...
  • 8. Where are renewal prices online? Views: 3994
    To access your renewal prices, please visit AAA.com/renew . Please login to see your membership details or register today to have full access to the website as a member. You may also access your membership as a guest by selecting the Renew Today button, then enter your 16-digit membership number and the zip code that is tied to your membership on the next page.
  • 9. Where is my local AAA Store? Views: 3814
    Please Click here to locate a local AAA office
  • 10. Can you help me with towing benefit questions? Views: 3487
    For details on your membership towing benefits, please consult the Member Benefits guide . For your convenience this Member Guide is contained in the Membership section of our website, under the heading of Membership Benefits Guide. If you like further assistance with your request, you may also contact AAA via telephone at 1-866-MEMBERS or visit one of our Local Stores .