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Please do not use this system to request roadside assistance as it is not monitored 24 hours a day.
You can call 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) or
CLICK HERE to request Roadside Assistance online. 
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  • 1. I can't sign in to AAA.com Views: 15382 Featured Content Public
    Troubleshooting Tips Your USER ID is your email address that is registered on AAA.com. Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. Many times users have an older email address on file than the one they currently use. Contact us to update your email. If you are still having trouble, and you don't think you have ever created an account you can try to create a new online account by CLICKING HERE . What if I can't remember the password I used to create my AAA.com account? You can CLICK HERE to reset you  More...
  • 2. How do I add my AAA Hoosier membership number to my online account so I may access member only areas of the website? Views: 3887 Featured Content Public
    If you already have an online account click here then sign in using your email address and password. Once you are signed in you will see a link labeled edit my online account details . Use this link to enter your AAA Hoosier membership number into your online account. If the first 6 digits of your membership number do not start with 429 023 please visit www.aaa.com/ stop . Once this is completed you will have FULL access to all online member benefits. If you do not already have an onlin  More...
  • 3. I just joined by phone AAA Hoosier and I am unable to logon to the web site with my new membership number. Why is this? Views: 734 Public
    It usually takes 2 business days after your payment is received for your membership number to be accepted by the web site. When your AAA charges have cleared and 2 business days have passed please Click here to update your online account with your new membership number.
  • 4. How do I gain access to a member only area of this web site? Views: 720 Public
    In order to gain access to our members only sections of the web site you must have your AAA Hoosier membership number entered into your online account information. Access your online account to go to your online account info page where you can update your AAA membership number. Online Account, Sign In, Access
  • 5. I forgot my aaa.com Password. How do I gain access to AAA's web site? Views: 708 Public
    Click here to have your password sent to your email address . We will send an email with your account information to the email address you set up in your online account. Important Tip: If we are unable to find your information in our system, you may have used an alternate email address or have never created an account. If you think you may have used an email that you no longer have access to, contact us and we'll update your registration with your new account. Please include your previou  More...
  • 6. When I try and search for car rentals all I get are Hertz rental cars? Does this site offer online booking with any other rental car companies? Views: 663 Public
    aaa.com automatically searches for Hertz car rentals first because they are a AAA Preferred Partner and offer AAA members a discount. However, after you submit a search and get back only Hertz, you will see a link at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to SHOW NON-PREFERRED COMPANIES. Click that link to show all rental car agencies. If you would like to search for all rental car companies that aaa.com offers you should update your auto rental preferences in your aaa.com account. Click he  More...