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Please do not use this system to request roadside assistance as it is not monitored 24 hours a day.
You can call 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) or
CLICK HERE to request Roadside Assistance online. 
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  • 1. How do I become a AAA Roadside Assistance Contractor? Views: 5383 Public
    To apply to be a roadside provider for AAA Hoosier, please download the contractor application and send the completed form to: AAA Hoosier Motor Club 3750 Guion Road Indianapolis, IN 46222 Attention: Automotive Services or fax application to (317) 923-1351 AAA Hoosier Motor Club proudly serves 50 of the 92 counties in Indiana. For a list of all the counties served, please click here .
  • 2. What is the limit for roadside assistance calls under my AAA membership? Views: 3837 Public
    Each member (Primary or Associate) in your household is allowed four Emergency Road Service (ERS) calls per year. (If there are two AAA members in your household, each one would be allowed four calls for a total of eight.) When a member uses all of his calls, he can still call AAA for service, but will be charged a special member rate . This rate is MUCH cheaper than the commercial rates charged by towing companies--so, your AAA membership is working for you even when you have exceeded your ann  More...
  • 3. How do I arrange for Emergency Road Service (ERS) if my car is disabled? Views: 1157 Public
    If you are a AAA member and you need Emergency Road Service - Please call 1-800-AAA-HELP. Service is available 24/7 - 365 days a year.
  • 4. If I require emergency roadside assistance and AAA is not available will I be reimbursed for my expenses if I have to use a different service company? Views: 1028 Public
    If AAA Service is not available or AAA contractor access is restricted (toll roads, limited access highway) AAA will provide reimbursement for covered services at the prevailing commercial rate for the region. Click here to get all the details and download the reimbursement form. roadside assistance reimbursement reimbursed expenses towing tow pay ERS other emergency road service
  • 5. Want to find out crash test ratings, Kelly Blue Book Values, get a CarFax report and more? Views: 927 Public
    AAA Auto Reviews - Learn what you need to know before you buy. IIHS Crash Test Ratings - See how your vehicle would hold up in a crash test. CarFax - Order a vehicle history report before you buy -- it could reveal problems. Kelly Blue Book - Research a vehicle's trade-in and retail value. CarFax Crash Test Kelly Blue Book AAAAutomaker vehicle ownership
  • 6. How do I find a AAA Approved Driving School for my teen? Views: 691 Public
    We’ve done the homework to find the best driving school for your needs. AAA has a stringent list of criteria a driving school must meet to become AAA Approved in Indiana. Find out more here: https://www.hoosier.aaa.com/traffic-safety/approved-driving-school-network Upon completion of a AAA approved driving school, teens receive a FREE one-year AAA Classic membership card. (A $76 value*)
  • 7. Where can I find information about employment opportunities at AAA? Views: 661 Public
    The AAA employment page has a list of career opportunities that are currently available. This page is updated frequently employment employ job jobs career careers application apply
  • 8. Does AAA offer any tools to help seniors drive safely? Views: 631 Public
    Yes! AAA has several programs to help seniors drive safer longer our resource center is chock full of information, resources, and advice for mature drivers and their families. Find out more here: https://www.hoosier.aaa.com/traffic-safety/senior-driving road wise roadwise review senior drivers drive safety
  • 9. Does AAA have an Auto Buying Program for new/used cars? Views: 112 Public
    Buying a car can be overwhelming. Am I getting a good price? Which dealer can I trust? The AAA Auto Buying Service leverages the buying power of millions of AAA members to pre-arrange AAA Member Pricing with participating dealers. Each participating dealer has been carefully selected to provide members with the level of service and dedication they are accustomed to. Get Started: https://www.hoosier.aaa.com/automotive/aaa-auto-buying