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  • 1. How do I access my AAA Visa Card Account online? Views: 65851
    You can access your AAA Member Rewards Visa Card online account via http://www.aaanetaccess.com/ . This page allows you to view your statements, opt in to email and mobile alerts, and pay your credit card bill online. Visa Card Credit
  • 2. What is the difference between the Classic, Plus, and Premier membership? Views: 11209
    The biggest difference is in the ERS benefit. AAA's Classic membership provides free towing from the scene of your disablement of up to 5 miles of free towing in any direction from the disablement. If you wish to be towed to your favorite mechanic -- and he is located more than 5 miles from the breakdown -- mileage charges may be charged. AAA's PLUS memberships provide for 100 miles of free towing in any direction from the disablement. AAA PLUS and PREMIER members get other benefits as w  More...
  • 3. Does AAA offer Travel Medical Insurance? Views: 10058
    AAA Travel Medical insurance products address the needs of US citizens and foreign nationals who need temporary medical insurance while traveling internationally for business or pleasure. AAA offers three Travel Medical Insurance products to meet your needs, providing up to US$2,000,000 of medical coverage. Coverage can be obtained from a minimum of 15 days up to a maximum 2 years in most cases. Coverage includes: • Medical and Dental Benefits • Emergency evacuation • Repatriation  More...
  • 4. I'm trying to reach the www.aaa.com/win sweepstakes and am unable to reach the entry form. Views: 9172
    If you cannot reach the entry form, you must reset your cookies to AAA South Dakota. Here's how you do that: 1. Go to www.aaa.com/stop and enter your South Dakota zip code and then hit enter or go . 2. Then in the address bar, either type the www.aaa.com/win link in or copy and paste it. 3. You will then reach the sweepstakes entry form. Good luck!
  • 5. Can I change my address on the web site? What about renewing my AAA membership online? Can I make dues payments on the web site? Views: 8131
    Yes, you can make address changes and payments on aaa.com. Click here to go to the Member Services area. change address renew payment payments dues
  • 6. Does AAA offer assistance with passport applications and renewals? Views: 7470
    AAA members can obtain first time and renewal passport applications at AAA store locations . Each store can advise where the closest government appointed office is to accept first time applications. Or you can fill out the online Passport form from the US government website. AAA South Dakota can also take passport photos. AAA Members purchasing passport photos, $5 + tax Non members purchasing passport photos, $8 + tax How Long Will it Take the Government To Process a Passport Application? When   More...
  • 7. My vehicle was stolen, does AAA offer any benefits for this problem? Views: 6958
    Theft Reward and Hit-and-Run Reward The Club will pay up to $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit-and-run violators or thieves involving a member’s car. For AAA Plus® and AAA Premier® members, our Theft Reward and Hit-and-Run Reward offers up to $2,000 for this information. Law enforcement officals, the member, and the member’s family are ineligible to receive the reward. $200 Stolen Car Transportation Reimbursement If your vehicle or th  More...
  • 8. Join Today Views: 6024
    Join Today at www.aaasdmember.com join special joinspecial AAA.COM/join
  • 9. How do I sign up for my free "Hertz Gold Plus Rewards"? Views: 6018
    All AAA members receive a free membership in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Club. Enroll online here.
  • 10. What can the AAA Premier "Concierge Service" do for me? Views: 5964
    Concierge Services AAA Premier Concierge Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This exclusive Premier Member ONLY phone number is located on the back of your AAA Premier Card. Services include: - Theater, sporting event and other entertainment ticketing/reservations - Limousine and car service information and reservations - Shopping and health club referrals and information - Exhibition, show and festival information - Messenger service referral and arrangements - Golf tee times  More...