How do I post a job?

Once a job posting has been purchased, from your ‘My CareerBuilder’ page, you can select ‘Create a New Job Posting’.
Or you can select ‘Jobs and Applications’ and then select ‘Post a Job’ from the menu on the left.

From the ‘Post a Job on CareerBuilder’ page, ensure that the correct product is selected, select the country and then, if you are using a template, select the template. Once confirmed click continue at the bottom to begin posting.

Throughout the posting form, at the top and bottom of the page, you have the option to ‘Save Draft’.  By selecting this, you can save a draft of your posting to finish posting at a later time.  

From the posting form, continue to move through the posting filling out the form as completely as possible. Sell your position and company to job seekers! 

Job Details

Job Role and Location
For the Job Title, use simple, recognizable job titles and avoid abbreviations.
If you have purchased Company Profile (BrandBuilder), be sure to select it from the drop-down menu. The Company Profile links the posting to a company profile page. If Company Profile was not purchased, you can enter your company name.
If you have purchased a Job Skin, you can select this from the drop down menu also.
It is required that you select at least one job category and one industry, but you can select up to three for each section.
With each additional selection that applies to your position you greatly increase the job seeker exposure to your posting.
Detailed Job Location
The Street Address feature allows job seekers to view the exact location of your facility.
If you have purchased a Priority City Posting, the City and State are required fields.
Use the 'Add' button to post the job to multiple locations.  Remember that a job posting will be used per location.

Job Description and Requirements
Include as much information as possible! The more precise the job details, the greater the likelihood is that the applicants will be exactly what you are seeking. Some information to think about including: 
Information about the company, including background, financial strengths and culture
Responsibilities and duties
Position requirements
Benefits and perks
Industry information
Relevant keywords
Including formatting to bold, italicize, and bullet can help emphasize specific parts of your posting. Utilizing our formatting tool bar at the top of the description and requirements sections can help you set your posting apart from the competition.


Candidate Requirements
Next, complete the Candidate Requirements section.  Remember, the fields with an orange asterisk are required fields.  

Job seekers can search by base pay so include this section, even a ballpark, to increase the exposure and appeal of your posting.  Then select ‘Continue’.

Posting Options
Auto-renew is beneficial for those positions with a continual need or are hard to fill.
If you have created an auto-response letter to send to candidates that apply to your job posting, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
Job ID is visible to job seekers that may want to reference your posting faster and you can see this when candidates apply on our website.
Customer account codes are for your internal use only.

Online Application Options
If you have a screener already created, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
From this section, you will also want to select your application method.  You can select to have applicants apply via or via your website. 


After filling out the posting form, click 'Continue' to move to the confirmation page.  Then click ‘Post Job’ to post now or you can set a future start date for the position.

Congratulations! Your job is posted!

Still having trouble?
Make sure you have the proper job posting access on your account.
Make sure you have clicked the correct account with products you are trying to view.
For any other issues, please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder contact. This information is available on your My CareerBuilder page.
For information on purchasing product, please visit the Products Tab and select Job Postings.