How do I find a job I posted?


Have you posted a job and can’t find it on the site for whatever reason?  The job may just be in one of our other tabs that help with organization of the jobs you post on our site.  Let’s take a look at each one and what they mean to you when posting on CareerBuilder.


Active Tab


The Active Tab is where your jobs that are currently live on the site will be found.  Jobs will remain here for one calendar month before moving to the Expired Tab when the job expires and is no longer live on


Jobs in this tab can be edited and applications can be viewed.



Expired Tab


      The Expired Tab is where jobs immediately go when their allotted amount of time on is over.  Jobs will stay in the Expired Tab for 60 days before being purged from the system completely.


      These jobs can be edited; applications can be viewed, or can be archived.  However, job seekers cannot view them unless they are relisted.



Deleted Tab


The Deleted Tab is where you will find jobs that have been manually deleted from one of the other 4 tabs by a user.  Jobs can be edited, undeleted, or archived from this tab as well.  Jobs will stay in the Deleted Tab for 60 days before being purged from the system.



Archived Tab


The Archived Tab is where you will find any job postings that have been manually archived.  Any job that may be needed in the future should be moved to the Archived Tab.  Jobs placed under this tab will remain here for the life of your CareerBuilder account as long as no one manually removes them.


            Jobs can be edited, copied, deleted, or activated from the Archived Tab.


Pending Tab



            Jobs may appear in the Pending Tab for several reasons:


1.)    Job postings may go directly to the Pending Tab when they are posted.  This is for security reasons.  They will be here for approximately 2 business hours while our Trust and Site Security Team takes a look to make sure that none of our posting rules are being violated.  When the Trust and Site Security Team is finished looking at them they will automatically be moved to the Active Tab.

2.)   Job Postings may move to the Pending Tab if the posting process was not completed.  In an effort to save your work, jobs will fall into the Pending Tab for reasons such as disconnected internet service, etc. 

3.)   Jobs that are to be posted in the future, either via the Power Post feature or via the Future Post Date feature will be found in the Pending Tab.  Jobs will be in this tab until the date that they are set to go live and then will move to the Active Tab. 


*Note* Be sure to check the Pending Tab if you are ever having trouble locating a job that you think should be posted.  It may be found there for one of the reasons stated above.


Still having trouble?

·         Make sure you have the appropriate access to view the jobs posted on the account.

·         Make sure you have selected the correct account with the products you are trying to view from the Select Account drop down menu on the My CareerBuilder page.

·         For any other issues, please contact your CareerBuilder Client Support Specialist or contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.891.8880.