Job Recommendations – Job Alerts 

Want to set up job recommendation alerts on your account to keep you in touch with more job opportunities? Sounds great! This is a fantastic option for staying more involved with the right opportunities. 

Let’s start by logging into your account

Once logged in, click on your profile 

  • Next under Related Settings, click on Manage Your Email Subscriptions 

  • There are multiple options included on this page but look for where it says Job Recommendations 

  • If this is unchecked, you’re not receiving job recommendation alerts and that’s just terrible! Click here so that CareerBuilder can send you automatic emails with recommended jobs based on your profile for jobs you viewed previously or applied to 

What if you want to change the alert information? No problem either! 

  • You should be logged in and once logged in, visit your job recommendation settings and click on View all job recommendations 

  • Once you have clicked here, click on Recommended Job Settings 

  • Once the Recommended For You Preferences pops up, make sure that Recommendation Email is clicked on and that your email address is correct 

  • Where it says Your Locations, you can update that here by choosing City, State or Zip Code 

  • Click save and you’re set! All job recommendations will come to the location you choose based on what you have viewed or applied to