Are you looking for your Application History? 


 We track all applications sent to employers via our ‘Apply Now’ feature on an available job as long as you’re using a saved resume from your account to apply to it – you also need to be logged in. However, we are only able to save this for you on your account for up to 90 days, after which time it is removed and is no longer available in our system. 
In addition, if the position is listed as Apply on Company Website (which means that it takes you off of the CareerBuilder site and onto that company’s site to apply) we are unable to track those applications. 

To access the section within your profile that houses your saved jobs and application history, please follow the instructions below:   

  1. Please go to and click on the “My CareerBuilder” tab on our homepage to sign into your CareerBuilder account, using your email address and password.  

  1. Place your cursor over "My CareerBuilder" and select “Saved Jobs & Applications” from the drop down menu.