A Job Alert keeps you instantly informed when there are new job openings posted that match your search criteria. You choose the timing of your alert, either daily or weekly. To learn more about AOL Job Alerts, visit: "Job Alert" or go to our new Find a Job channel: "Find a Job."

What job listings will be sent to me via AOL's Job Alerts?
When you create a Job Alert, you choose a set of criteria for desired job matches. You can set up criteria by keyword, location, salary, etc. For example, you might choose to receive a job listing with the keyword "nurse" and location "Detroit, Michigan." When an employer posts a job with CareerBuilder.com that meets your criteria, the job posting will be sent to you via an AOL Alert.

How frequently can I receive AOL's Job Alerts?
You can set up Job Alerts to receive a list of matches daily or weekly. To change the frequency with which you are receiving your Job Alert, go to: Job Alerts and edit your Job Alert by clicking the pencil icon in the Edit column.

How are AOL's Job Alerts delivered to me?
You can receive a list of Job Alert matches  through email only.

I set up a Job Alert and have not received any Alerts. How can I fix this?
Please visit your Job Alerts management area (kw: Job Alerts) and click on the pencil icon under the Edit column next to the Alert you are having trouble with. Double-check your keywords for spelling; make sure your Job Alert criteria aren't too narrow: you can widen your criteria by widening salary, education, category and location choices.

Can all geographical locations be searched by job alerts?
Currently, only locations in the United States can be searched by job alerts.

Why do other cities outside my search criteria show up in the results? 
The thirty-mile radius is an average search area that is based on a geographic grid system. Depending on the location of your city in the grid area, your search may include locations that are much farther than thirty miles from your search city. Conversely, the results may be limited to an area smaller than a thirty-mile radius.