Are you having trouble uploading your Resume? This may be because you might not have the right file, but see below to review and make sure that any issue can be addressed now! 

Resume Upload  

  • You can upload your Resume through the following files: 

  • Microsoft Word 

  • .Doc, .DocX 

  • PDF (Adobe) 

  • .PDF 

  • Simple Word files 

  • .RTF 

  • .TXT 

  • Other Files 

  • .ODT 

  • .WPS 

  • All Resume files uploaded can be up to 1,000 KB and you can have three (3) Resumes loaded in your account 

  • You can upload your Resume through 

  • Browsing for a File saved on your computer 

  • A file saved in your Dropbox account 

  • A file saved in your Google Drive 

  • You can also update your Privacy Settings 

  • Display Resume and Contact info so that employers can reach out 

  • Hide Resume and Contact info which halts all contact 

Do you need to Edit your Resume?  

  • Once you have a Resume uploaded, you can edit from here as well 

  • Click on the Resume you have in your account and from here you can edit 

  • You can edit the job title, location, contact information, skills and more 

  • This information is saved in your account and while public, is easier for employers to make contact  

Do you need to Delete your resume? 

  • While in the account and on the page you would edit your Resume, look to the right where it says Delete this resume and click this link 

  • You will receive a button to confirm Ok – once clicked, your resume is deleted