New to the job searching business or been out for a while? No problem. We can help you perform a job search on CareerBuilder. What you need is the following:  

  • Job title that you are looking to achieve 

  • Keywords related to that job title 

  • Skills related to that job title 

  • Employers related to that job title 

When you login to CareerBuilder, you can begin your job search. You do not have to have an account, but by registering with CareerBuilder, you can save your search for job alerts that will come to your email to help you out daily or weekly! 

Where it says Search, you see Keywords and you see Location. In keywords, you want to add the search string that you can use to search for a great job – here are a couple of examples: 

  • Customer Service 

  • CSR OR “Customer Service Representative” OR “Customer Service” OR “Contact Center Agent” OR “Call Center Agent” OR “Administrative Assistant” OR “Retail Salesperson” OR “Retail Worker” OR “Restaurant Staff” 

  • Project Manager 

  • “Project Manager” OR “Project Management” OR “Lead Project Manager” OR “Project Manager Certification” 

    These are both examples of Boolean search strings. You can search more examples of these online to perfect your searching technique!  

Next, be sure to include the location. You can put city and state (city, state), state, or zip code to search.

Next you want to click find jobs. Once the search has been run, you can then review through the list of jobs and apply to the ones that fit what you’re looking for! You can even save the job for tracking.