The reason you are receiving more than your desired city, is because the default search parameter is a 30 mile radius of any location entered. If you choose to change the radius of  the search location you can, by doing an Advanced Search or from the Search Results page.

To change the radius when doing an Advanced Search:

  • Click on Advanced Search or put your cursor over Find Jobs and click on Advanced Search.
  • On the Advance Search Page you can select the radius to search around the city, state and/or zip code you enter. You are able to search anywhere from 5 miles up to 150 miles.
  • After changing the desired radius and you are finished entering your search criteria, then click on Find Jobs.




To change the radius from the Search Results Page:


  • Click on the Advanced Search tab
  • Scroll down to the Find jobs within 30 miles of ________ section and change the radius
  • In the Narrow Search section

·         Click on the city you only want to see jobs for

·         After clicking on the city it will have (Off) next to the city to indicate all other location have been turned off. You will now only see jobs come up for that particular city.








* Please Note: Checking the 'Exclude national and regional jobs' option will not pull up any national or regional jobs. This will help you only receive job offers for your desired location.