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Hover the pointer over ‘Post Resumes’ and select ‘Manage Resumes’.  This page allows you to fully manage your resumes posted on You may activate, de-activate, add and remove resumes.





Select the resume that you would like to adjust. allows you to have up to five resumes posted on the website. It is a good idea to have different resumes with a different focus for each. Hence you will have a greater chance of having the right employer you are looking for to come across your resume 



From this page you can now copy the resume, delete the resume or add a new resume.  Managing your resumes properly will allow you to be on top of all the occurrences pertaining to your job search and be aware of how many employers are seeing your resume and the content that you are displaying.  It is a good idea to update your resume on a regular basis because employers have the ability to search for resumes that have been posted/modified within a certain time period. By keeping your resumes up to date, you will then maintain your high visibility.

It is imperative that your account contain only your resumes and no one else's resume because the way is set-up, your personal information is attached to your applications; therefore, having another party’s resume on your account may create confusion for yourself and employers, directly affecting your chances of finding possible employment via