Our “Apply Now” feature, enabled on some of our ads, allows companies to divert users to their own website to apply for a job rather than using CareerBuilder.com’s online application form.  After clicking on the "Apply Now" button, you may see a bar at the top of the screen stating that “You have exited CareerBuilder.com...,”.  If you see this bar, then your CareerBuilder email address and password will not work on that page. You will need to register with that company’s website to apply to that specific position.

Please Note: There are some company's websites that don't work well with Careerbuilder.com's warning message about exiting CareerBuilder.com. In these cases the orange bar will not appear. You may see that you are being asked for "User Name" or "User ID", select the New User button and create a new registration for that company's website. 

View this example below:

Some ways to determine whether you are on the employer's website is to look in the address bar to see the web address. Also, CareerBuilder will always refer to your login ID as "email address" instead of "User Name" or "User ID." Thus, if a login page is prompting you to enter in something else other than "email address," then most likely, you have left CareerBuilder.com.

If you are having problems with the actual company website, please contact them directly for support. We are only able to support our website because once the application process is directed toward another company's website, we really have no further information to guide you.