CareerBuilder Online Confirmation Form:


The following email was sent to some of our users requesting confirmation of their Account.  Please do not respond to this email as it is a fraudulent attempt to gain access to account information and was not sent by or its partners. will never ask you to update your account via email.  We are currently in the process of having the fraudulent sites connected with this phishing scam removed. 


For more information about phishing scams and other common internet frauds, please see our Fighting Online Fraud Page.




                                       From: Career Builder []
                                       Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 6:13 AM
                                       To: Doe, John
                                       Subject: Special Announce


                                        Dear CareerBuilder member,

                                        The CareerBuilder's Technical Department requests you to complete the CareerBuilder Online Confirmation Form.

                                        This procedure is obligatory for all clients of CareerBuilder.

                                        Please select the hyperlink and visit the address listed to access the CareerBuilder Online Confirmation Form.




                                        These instructions are to be sent to all CareerBuilder members.
                                        CareerBuilder apologizes for the inconveniences caused to you, and very grateful for your cooperation.

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Update Your Billing Address:

The following email has been sent out to some of our users requesting them to update their account details.  This email is an attempt to obtain access to a user's account information, also known as a phishing scam.  Please be advised that this email did not originate from Careerbuilder or its employees, and we are currently in the process of having this fraudulent site removed. 
From: ]
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 8:58 AM
Subject: Your account with us .

Dear Employer,

in order to offer better services for our customers,we decided to move the website's software on better and faster servers.

On this process we had some problems with MySql integration so your billing address was deleted.

Please CLICK HERE in order to update your billing address.

If the address is not updated in 48 hours your account will be frozen automatically.

CareerBuilder Software Upgrade:
Sometimes emails are sent using the CareerBuilder logo and name requesting that you download a special CareerBuilder Software. These emails are not sent by CareerBuilder and are in fact an attempt by fraudulent parties to solicit information from our users.

Please do not attempt to download this tool or submit any personal information to the link provided in the email you received. CareerBuilder will never ask you to update your account or download tools via email. Any such modification will be posted on our website at For more information about phishing scams and other common internet frauds, please see our Fighting Online Fraud Page.

Girlfriend E-Mail:
The email below was sent using the CareerBuilder name in an effort to sound legitimate.  This email did not generate from Careerbuilder nor does this person have access to our resume database that would allow them to view your profile on the CareerBuilder website.
From: "Nata" <>
Subject: for Jane Doe

Hi Jane Doe,
I wrote to you before but i am having troubles accessing my yahoo account, so iam sending this email again. I was looking for jobs on the internet and came across your profile on careerbuilder and thought I would contact you since I don't have anyone else in the USA. I will be coming to the USA in about 2 weeks and would like to make friends with you. I will let you know more information about myself and I will reply back to you with some of my pictures. If you agree then message me back, I'll be waiting. Hope you don't mind. Don't reply back to this email. Make sure you message me to my personal email address only, since i am using public email to send you this message.
by the way, I am a girl and people say i am good looking. I am 25 y.o.

Lots of kisses!
Hopefully your new girl friend