There are  several reasons you might not be able to post a job.  In the following section, the most common reasons will be addressed.  If you do not feel that one of these reasons applies to you, please contact CareerBuilder Customer Service at 1.800.891.8880, your dedicated Sales Representative or Client Support Specialist. 

Reason #1:  No active job product in your account

If you see a message that looks like the one below when you log into your account, it means that you do not have any active job product available.  In this case, contact your Sales Representative for further assistance.

One thing to be sure to check before contacting your CareerBuilder Sales Representative is to make sure that you do not see a drop down menu in the lower right hand corner of your My CareerBuilder homepage that says Current Account:  like the one below. 



If you see this menu, it means that there is more than one account set up under your email address.  Be sure to check all of the options in this drop down menu to see if you have product in any of those accounts.

Reason #2: Your username’s permissions are not set to give you access to post or edit jobs.

If this is the case, you will receive an error message or will not be able to perform the action which you are trying.  Please contact your CareerBuilder Client Support Specialist whose phone number is located on your My CareerBuilder home page in the "Your Account" section on the lower right hand corner of the page. 

Reason #3: Your user group is out of product.

If you are part of a particular user group on your CareerBuilder account, the group may be out of product.  In this instance, you may want to reach out to your internal contact or you can reach out to your CareerBuilder Sales Representative.

 Reason #4: All postings have been used for this installment.

Your job product may be listed on your contract as prepaid which can be annual or monthly installments. Product that is listed as a monthly subscription is where you have a certain number of jobs which are available monthly from the start of the contract.  You may have used up your allotted product for that time period.  Jobs on a monthly subscription cannot be released early and you will have to wait for the next start date on the contract for those jobs to be available.  If you are unsure whether your jobs are prepaid or on a monthly subscription, you can review the job products on your account by going to Account Tools and clicking on your company name. 


Then, scroll to the Job Products section. 

Again, if you have any questions please reach out to Careerbuilder Customer Service at 1.800.891.8880 or your dedicated account contacts.