How to Search the Resume Database:

Within CareerBuilder’s Resume Database you have access to search over 35 million qualified job seekers. You will be able to go out and find candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you. Once you are signed into your CareerBuilder account, follow the steps below to begin searching.
1. Click the blue 'Resume Search' button near the top of the page.

*Note: If you have multiple countries purchased, you will also need to select the country that you would like to search. 


2. This will take you to the Search for Resumes page where you can search by keywords or you can use resume match to match candidates to a document that you already have created.

Search by Keyword:

  • Enter your keywords. This search box also supports Boolean phrases.
  • Select Last Modified from the drop down menu. You can view resumes that were modified within the last day up to 365+.
  • Next enter your location. You can enter the City, State (Chicago, IL) or the zip code (60601).
  • Then select Search.
3. Under the two search boxes, you will also see links to your saved searches, search history, blocked resumes and saved resume matches. 

4. From your resume results page, you can now select more search options from the left, which will allow you to target the right candidates.


5. For each resume from this page, you can preview, open in new a window, save, print, view similar (run a Resume Match search), block or add a tag.

6. From the results page, you also have the option to utilize bulk options by checking the box next to the candidate and using the drop-down menu at the bottom – ‘Select a Task’.

7. To email candidates, start by clicking on a resume after you run your search.


8. As you are “flipping” through the resumes, select the “Like” button to save the resume to the “Like Folder”. This will allow for you to go back and review the resumes before deciding if contact is appropriate.

9. When you are ready to review the resumes and mass email, select the “View All Liked” button to access your “Liked Resumes"

10.You can select individual resumes to email from the Resume Flip Like Folder. Or you can “Select All” and mass email from the Like Folder.

12. After you select “Email”, then you will be able to send out an email you already created, or write your own email.

Please note that the max one can email at one time is 25!

Please Note: You have the option to turn off resume flip. If you choose to do this, you can click on the resume title to view the resume in more detail. From the resume page, you will have resume options listed: