CareerBuilder provides the option to save searches and automate saved searches.  This guide outlines how to set up 'Saved Searches' and also how to set up automatic emails, which we refer to as 'RSA's' or 'Resume Search Agents.'

Step One: Save Your Search

After running your keyword search and producing relevant results, click the 'Save Search' link above the 'More Search Options' column.


Step Two: Name Your Search

 Name your search, preferably something which is easily remembered. Then, click 'Save Search'.

Step Three: Setting up Resume Search Agents (Automated Emails)


Resume Search Agents are an optional, time-saving feature that gives you access to newly added or recently modified resumes.  To set up automatic email alerts, select how frequently you want the search to run.  Once selected, the email you used to login will populate in the blank box.



 Step Four: Accessing your Saved Searches

To access Saved Searches from the Basic Search, click 'View All Saved Searches' under the Saved Searches tab. 

From the list of searches you have the option to Copy, Edit or Delete.  If you would like to run the search, simply click on the 'Search Name' to access real-time results.





Your RSA might not be working because no new resumes or newly modified resumes match your search criteria.  So even if you have the frequency set to run daily you might not receive search agent emails.  Additionally, your RSA might not be set to run. You can check this simply by going to the Saved Searches section to review the frequency.  If you see that your search agent is set to run and you have not received any e-mails in a while contact your Client Support Specialist who can provide more assistance.

 Still having trouble?

  • Ensure that your RSA's are set to actively email you and are not being sent to a junkmail or spam folder
  • For additional issues, please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder contact.  This information is available in the 'Your Account' section on your CareerBuilder homepage.