We know that once a candidate applies to your open position(s) the applicant process doesn’t magically end there.  More steps and correspondence are needed to get the right candidate in your door.  To help with your recruitment process, the ‘My Letters’ section allows you to create and save letters to send to candidates throughout the hiring process. 


You can utilize the letter feature by sending them directly to candidates or by setting them up to auto-respond once a job seeker applies to an open position.  We’ll be going through some frequently asked questions as well as the best way to set up your letters in the following section. 


Create Letter 

1. Go to 'Account Tool' and select 'Letters' on the left hand side

2. Next, click ‘Add New Letter’ on the right side of the page.


3. In this area you will name your letter, decide the privacy setting, and fill in the text. 

*Be sure to take advantage of the tag fields to the left in order to give your letters a more customized look. When a tag field is clicked on to the left the information will appear in the text box of the letter.  Once sent out to job seekers the letter will automatically populate with the information designated to give your letters a more personal touch.  You also have the ability to add media images to your letters


4. Once your letter is created you will be returned to the main ‘My Letters’ page.  Here you can edit and copy letters from this page.

5. You can also deactivate letters for further editing at a later time then reactivate when ready to use again.



 6. If the Preview button is selected you will see this screen:

* From here you can preview what the letter would look like to potential recipients.  You can also send a test email by clicking 'Send Test Mail' at the bottom of the page for 100% assurance the email will appear as you desire.

7. You can implement your letters in 3 ways:

  • When viewing a specific candidate’s resume you can send a specific letter to him/her.
  • When posting a job you will have the option to select a letter at the bottom of the posting form. This will be an auto-response letter in that any candidate that applies to that position will receive an email of the designated letter. 
  • From the 'Active Letters' tab you can select from 'Jobs Attached' and bulk add or detach jobs. From here you can view jobs attached or select the 'Jobs Unattached to this Letter'  to add this letter to any other active jobs.   

Tip:  Set up a letter for different steps of the hiring process.  Having a set letter for calls, interviews, declines, and acceptance can save you significant time when working with candidates found on CareerBuilder.


Frequent Questions

1. What if I don’t want a default letter on my account, can I set up others?

Certainly, you can set up as many letters as you need for your hiring processes.  However, even if you set a default letter you can change which letter is associated to a specific job in the job post form. 


2. Can I set up my own letters?

When creating a letter you will have the option to make it public or private.  Any private letters will be viewable by only the creator. 


3. I just did a test on my new letter and it doesn’t look right, what do I do?

Check the text again to ensure no errors occurred upon creation.  If the letter still does not look right please contact your CareerBuilder team.


4. I want my letters to look unique for each applicant, what are my options? 

The tag fields located to the left of the letter creation field will be the feature to take advantage of in this situation.  Simply click on the tag field and it will appear in the letter text.  Once it is sent to a candidate the tag field will populate with known information from our system giving them a unique look and feel for each job seeker based on what tag fields you use. 


5.  I can’t see any of my letters, what is going on? 

Double check the drop down box above the contact information in the top right of the ‘My CareerBuilder’ page to ensure you are on the correct account (if associated with multiple accounts).  Also, be sure to check that the letters are not in the deleted tab of the ‘My Letters’ section  If neither option works please contact your CareerBuilder team.

Still having trouble?

  • Make sure you have clicked the correct account with products you are trying to view.
  • For any other issues, please contact your dedicated Careerbuilder contact.  This information is available in the Contact Center on the help page.