Are you having trouble finding qualified candidates?  Do you have a requirement that must be met by applicants?  If the answer is yes to either of these questions then our screener option may be the solution.  In this section, we’ll cover common questions regarding screeners as well as how to set up and implement these on CareerBuilder.

Think of a screener as a questionnaire that can be attached to your CareerBuilder postings. You will have the option to add free form or multiple choice questions as well as EEO level screeners. 

1. From the navigation bar, click on ‘Jobs and Applications’.

2.  Select ‘Screeners’ from the menu on the left.

3.  Next, select ‘Add Screener’ from the top right of the My Screeners page.

4. From the Add Screener page:

1.  First name the screener something that will allow you to easily recognize it.

2.  Next, determine if the screener should be private (only you can view it with your login) or public (everyone on the account can view it).

3.  Next, select Account Wide (attached to all jobs), job level (individually attached to jobs) or EEO. Please note that EEO is account wide.

4.  The introductory text can be left as is or you can edit this to fit your needs.

5.  Select ‘Save’.


5.  From the Screener Properties page, you will want to select ‘Add Question’ to create a new question.

 6.  From the Add Question page, you can now select what type of question you would like to create. 

7.  Once this is created, select ‘Save and Continue’.  This will save your screener as a draft.  


Frequent Questions

In this portion we’ll uncover some of the specifics of screeners as well as tips that may help. If you still have questions regarding screeners, please contact your CareerBuilder team for more information.
1.  How many screeners can I create? 
Unlimited screeners can be created within your CareerBuilder account but only 1 account wide is allowed.
2.  How many questions can I include in a screener? 
There is no limit to the number of questions on any screener.
3.  What if I want to turn a job screener into my account wide screener?
Unfortunately, we cannot make a regular screener turn into an account wide screener with one button. However, you can create a new account wide screener and simply copy the questions from the regular screener in question.

4.  Can I rearrange the order of my questions?
Certainly, if you edit any specific question within a screener you will see a field entitled, ‘Question Sort Order‘ which allows you access to this ability. 

5.  How do I see screener scores? 
When reviewing a candidates’ resume you will see the screener report at the top of the screen. 
6.  Can I use screeners to ensure job seekers are answering truthfully? 
The purpose of our screener function is to help you get the most qualified candidates. One creative use of screeners is to type them in a second language when that is a requirement that the candidate speak/write in the desired language. This was a unique way to guarantee the job seeker truly fit the requirement. 
7.  Should I worry about drop off when using a screener?
Drop-off is when candidates start an application and then do not finish for one reason or another. While a screener does increase drop off that only means they are doing their job by weeding out the qualified candidates from the rest. Try using these for those broad positions with hard to fill requirements. 

Still having trouble?
Make sure you have clicked the correct account with products you are trying to view. For any other issues, please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder contact. This information is available in the Your Account section on your my CareerBuilder page.