General Questions:


Why does the site continually change? 


CareerBuilder is continually growing and the industry we support is also one that is fluid.  You may notice small changes at times or very large ones at others.  Please know that any changes are made based on; recommendations from our clients, job seekers, changes in the online recruitment industry, and those determined to best serve everyone involved with CareerBuilder.  If you ever need help with changes made to the site please contact your CareerBuilder team as they will be more than happy to help.  At the same time if you ever would like to help us improve the site you can send suggestions to your CareerBuilder team, we know we can only become better with your help.


I keep hearing about violations in online recruitment site security, what should I be concerned about? has a dedicated team of in-house Trust and Site Security Specialists.  These employees are consistently working on ways to improve our security and protecting all information contained on  There are a few areas of opportunity our team has identified to help protect yourself on CareerBuilder and in the online world in general. 


1)     Password Security - A common way to have your accounts compromised is by having an easily identifiable password.  We recommend you use a combination of letters and numbers within your password to increase the complexity of it to better protect yourself.  And of course, never share your password with other people.  If someone needs their own user information we are happy to provide this to them.

2)     Email Scams – Public service announcements are now being aired on the increase of email scams.  The reality is that more of them are being sent and sadly more people are falling into these traps.  If you ever see an email coming from CareerBuilder that asks you to confirm account information then this should be the first red flag of an email scam.  CareerBuilder will only direct you to login to your account or contact your known CareerBuilder team. We will never include a link to our site in an email as links can be easily "spoofed" or faked.  Please be cautious about any emails claiming to be a major company that is asking for any kind of account information.  Even if the email address appears to be from the company it could still be faked to appear this way.  If you receive any suspicious emails please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder team for clarification.