• Do not click on links within email – it is suggested that you type out the domain URL within your browser to help ensure that you are going to a company's actual website.
  • Hover your mouse over the link and it will reveal the true URL – if it is not the known URL for that company’s site (even if it looks similar), don’t click it!
  • Do not provide any personal or private information via email or through links sent to you in email.
  • Keep your computer’s Operating System regularly patched and updated.
  • Keep your ant-virus software consistently up-to-date and perform regular system scans.
  • Remember that CareerBuilder will NEVER ask you to update your account via email through a link requiring you to login.
  • Contact CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security team to verify if the email is legitimate before performing any actions.
  • Check the Fraud Protection page for Employers or the Fraud Protection page for Job Seekers to see the Latest Alert on reported scams targeting users. 
How do I know if I am on the actual CareerBuilder Employer login page?
  • Look for the Lock icon to identify that you are on a secure page.
  • Look for the https:// in front of the url to identify that you are on a secure page.
  • Look for www.careerbuilder.com in the URL- this will always be a part of the URL displayed in your Browser URL bar when you are on the official CareerBuilder site.

CareerBuilder login page in Internet Explorer:

CareerBuilder login page in Firefox: