Wire Information
Global offers quick and safe cash transfers between banks and credit unions. Outgoing bank to bank wires can be requested by a Global member providing funds are available in the member’s account. Fees do apply.

Please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges for current Bank Wire fees, including Wire Transfer Domestic, Wire Transfer International and Wire Transfer Non-Member.

When sending a wire from Global Credit Union we will ask for the following:
Please call the financial institution to obtain their wiring instructions. If you are wiring money from your Global account to another financial institution account in your name, we can accept requests over the phone. You can also request a wire transfer through our secured messaging service in eBranch. Any branch can accept a wire request in person.
  • The amount you want to wire.
  • The name of the bank or credit union where it is being sent.
  • The city where the bank or credit union is located.
  • The state where the bank or credit union is located.
  • The bank or credit union ABA routing or transit number.
  • The name of the payee as it appears on the account at the receiving bank or credit union.
  • The account number and account type (i.e., checking, savings, etc.) to be credited.
To send a Domestic bank wire to Global Credit Union you will need the following:
  • Global Credit Union's ABA routing or transit number is 325180595
  • The name on your account with Global Credit Union and which account number and account type (i.e., checking, savings, etc.) you would like the funds credited to
  • Global Credit Union headquarters address - 1500 Fourth Ave., in Spokane, WA 99201.
To receive an International bank wire to your account at Global, you will need to speak with a member service representative at one of our branches or in our Operations Center at 1-800-676-4562.