We're Here to Help 
Assistance available to members who may be affected by furloughs
In response to possible furloughs as a result of the US government shutdown, we are offering emergency assistance to members employed by the federal government. In the event of furloughs Global Credit Union members who are employed by the US government may be eligible for:
  • an interest free loan to cover income lost due to furloughs or payment disruptions
  • no-fee extensions for existing loans
  • penalty-free certificate withdrawals
While we hope Congress will pass the budget bill, we want you to know that your credit union is here for you and ready to provide assistance.
Also please note that a shutdown of the federal government will not delay regular operations of the National Credit Union Administration, and individual member accounts at Global Credit Union will remain insured up to $250,000.

To take advantage of assistance provided by Global, please contact us. This offer will be available to new members as well. If you know a federal employee who is not currently a member please forward this email or recommend that they contact us.
(509) 455-4700 
(800) 676-4562