Global has just been informed of fraudulent text messages being sent to members to try and coax them into giving out personal information. Please DO NOT respond. Global Credit Union will never ask for your personal information over text message. The following fraudulent messages have been reported:
  • Dear Lucky Winner.  Your phone number has been awarded the sum of 800,000 USD, In the western union 2013 Promo .Kindly  contact us via SMS with your winning number 98-928-8839 USD by replying this text Or call your claims office via 213-550-5432. You can also email your claims agent for more details. YYsigned Y Tamika Brown (Claims Officer) 
  • Dear (NAME OF MEMBER), This is not a hoax or scam. Global Credit Union has received your account details from the financial service authorities as follows: BankName: Co-op Services Credit UnionYBank Account: 23017600 Last 4 digits of your ssn.
These messages are not from the Global Credit Union and ARE A SCAM. Please do not respond. Thank you.