Spokane, WA – After rebranding in February 2013 with collaboration from Boom Creative, Global Credit Union has experienced a triumphant year in membership and loan growth largely due to their new brand and initiative which celebrate the people who make their communities great.

To solidify this success, Global’s branding campaign received 21 awards from The American Advertising Federation of Spokane in the Inland Northwest ADDY Awards Competition and 7 awards from The CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Diamond Awards Competition.

The ADDY Awards recognize and reward creative excellence in the art of advertising. At the ADDY Awards Competition, Global took home 1 Best of Show, 2 Best of Divisions, 9 Gold ADDYs and 9 Silver ADDYs. These awards celebrated ads featuring Spokane local artists Tiffany Patterson and Darcy Saxton and local bands Flying Spiders and Milonga among others.

The CUNA Diamond Awards recognize and reward creative excellence in the industry of credit union marketing and business development professionals. At the CUNA Awards Competition, Global took home 1 Category Best and 6 Diamond Awards. These awards recognized the Global Citizen Campaign, Brand Awareness and Global Logo among other initiatives.

Global is honored by the outstanding recognition given to their new enterprise. Global understands that in order to remain relevant, adaptation and change are essential components to a thriving and prosperous corporation. As Global looks to the future, they embrace their history while also looking for new opportunities to help grow members, dreams and community.

For a complete list of artists and musicians who made Global's branding campaign a success please visit globalcu.org/evolution