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  • 1. What are your branch hours and locations?


  • 2. Does Global offer tips for protecting my identity?


  • 3. What are my options for contacting Global Credit Union?
    To Reach a Representative To Access STARS 24/7 telephone teller By phone 24 hours a day * 509.455.4700 509.838.2016 Toll-free ( click here for overseas options) 800.676.4562 800.829.8355 eBranch eBranch Send a secure email Ask a question online Chat Chat How are we doing? Send your comments and feedback *Services are limited between 6 pm and 7 am Monday - Friday PT, Weekends and Holidays speak human call assitance telephone phone number
  • 4. What is Global's routing number?
    The Routing and Transit number, uniquely identifies Global and is used in check processing. Global's routing number is 325180595. This number is the first 9 digits listed on the bottom of your checks. For complete routing instructions for incoming/outgoing electronic deposits or bank to bank wires view What wire transfer instructions should I use to wire money into and out of Global?
  • 5. I can't remember my password to access my eBranch account. How do I reset my password?
    First time login or forgot your password? Click here to setup your online banking. Enter all of the information in the First Time Login form. To validate your account you must enter the information for the primary member on this account. Once it is validated you will be prompted to set or reset your eBranch password. You can also call us at 509.455.4700 or 800.676.4562 during our business hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Or chat online with a member service represe  More...
  • 6. What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen and how much am I liable for? Featured Content
    The most you would be responsible for is $50.00, so long as you report that you suspect your card has been lost, stolen, or fraudulently used to Global. If you report the loss or unauthorized use to Global within 48 hours, or if the transaction in question is signature-based, you will not be held liable for any funds lost. If you are calling from During these hours Call this number the local calling area of Spokane , WA 7 am - 6 pm (PST/PDT) Monday - Friday 509.455.4700 outside of Spokane , WA 7  More...
  • 7. How do I update my contact information (address, phone)?
    New Address? The most secure way to change your address is online in eBranch. Just login to eBranch and click on Messages to send us your new address and phone number. You can also mail in a request - just make sure you have signed your letter as your signature will be verified against your signature card for your protection. Click here to change your address online in eBranch We just must verify your identity in order to complete this request. We will confirm the change by sending a message  More...
  • 8. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Featured Content
    Imagine checking into a hotel only to find out your credit card accounts have been frozen. Your card issuer will often block your card if unusual activity appears on your account. This is to help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity. So, be sure to call your credit and debit card issuers ahead of time to let them know you'll be out of town--especially if it's an international trip. That way, you won't be blocked from using your credit cards when you need them most. Click here   More...
  • 9. What features and benefits come with my Global Credit Union credit card?


  • 10. Is a Global credit card really better?


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