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  • 1. Does Global offer tips for protecting my identity? Views: 127


  • 2. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Views: 185 Featured Content
    Imagine checking into a hotel only to find out your credit card accounts have been frozen. Your card issuer will often block your card if unusual activity appears on your account. This is to help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity. So, be sure to call your credit and debit card issuers ahead of time to let them know you'll be out of town--especially if it's an international trip. That way, you won't be blocked from using your credit cards when you need them most. Click here   More...
  • 3. Total account access Views: 639
    Members with multiple Global Credit Union accounts can easily view multiple accounts or transfer funds online using eBranch. There are two transfer types to choose from with Total Account Access or Account to Account Transfer. Just pick the transfer type that is right for you, fill out the form, sign and return it. It's that simple. Total Account Access* Upon authorization, you can: View balances for all of your Global accounts on one screen Transfer funds between your Global accounts *The o  More...
  • 4. If my debit card is lost or stolen, am I liable for any charges that were made fraudulently? Views: 220
    The most you would be responsible for is $50 on PIN transactions. If you report the loss or unauthorized use to Global within 2 business days. If the loss is reported after 2 business days you could be liable for as much as $500. If the transaction in question is signature-based, you will not be held liable for any funds lost. If you are calling from... and calling during these hours... Then call this number to report your card lost or stolen the local calling area of Spokane, WA 7 am - 6 p  More...
  • 5. How can I protect my information when I discard my old electronics? Views: 143
    Old Electronics Could Hand Crooks Your Identity When discarding computerized electronics, such as PDAs, cell phones, and computers, you may be setting yourself up as an identity theft victim. How? By improperly erasing--or not erasing at all--your personal information from the device. Data deleted via the computer's recycling bin only erases the record of the file, not the data the file points to. With the right tools, deleted data often is still retrievable. Similarly, erasing data on cell phon  More...
  • 6. Tips for keeping your PIN private. Views: 135
    Tip: Keep PINs Private Personal identification numbers (PINs) are everywhere. They enable users to access automated teller machines, make purchases with their debit cards, shop from home, and even unlock their car doors. For each access, it makes sense to choose the same number--which means something to you, but not to anyone else. But, remember, that increases your vulnerability should you divulge or lose your PIN. Never carry your PIN with you or write it on your card, and don't divulge it  More...
  • 7. Blocked card phone scam Views: 128
    Some members have reported receiving automated calls stating that their Global Credit Union debit or credit card has been blocked or suspended and asking them to enter in their 16 digit card number. This call is not from Global Credit Union and the credit union does not use outbound automated call systems. Do not respond to the automated call . Global Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy of your accounts and your personal information. There are constantly new scams attempting to g  More...
  • 8. Fraud text message scam Views: 119
    Global has just been informed of fraudulent text messages being sent to members to try and coax them into giving out personal information. Please DO NOT respond. Global Credit Union will never ask for your personal information over text message. The following fraudulent messages have been reported: Dear Lucky Winner. Your phone number has been awarded the sum of 800,000 USD, In the western union 2013 Promo .Kindly contact us via SMS with your winning number 98-928-8839 USD by replying this t  More...
  • 9. How do I dispute a charge on my credit or debit card? Views: 114
    Please click this link to start the dispute form. You will need a valid email address to start this electronic signature document.
  • 10. How does signing my credit or debit card help protect me? Views: 103
    There are several ways that signing your debit or credit card in permanent ink help protect you: 1. Most cards state above the signature panel that the card is not valid unless signed. A merchant can refuse to accept your card if it is not signed. 2. Thinking of writing See ID ? Think again. According to Visa and MasterCard rules, see ID is not a valid substitute for a signature and the merchant will have the right to refuse your card. Plus, it could actually make it easier for an identit  More...
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