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  • 1. Does Global offer tips for protecting my identity? Views: 57


  • 2. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Views: 170 Featured Content
    To help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity, Global Credit Union provides 24/7 fraud monitoring services for your credit and debit cards. If unusual activity appears on your account, it could result in a temporary risk block on your card. By notifying us ahead of time of your travel plans, you'll minimize the chance of your card being declined. Click here for ways to contact us. Or, to save you a call each time you travel use CardNav! What is CardNav? CardNav is a mobile a  More...
  • 3. If my debit card is lost or stolen, am I liable for any charges that were made fraudulently? Views: 148
    The most you would be responsible for is $50 on PIN transactions. If you report the loss or unauthorized use to Global within 2 business days. If the loss is reported after 2 business days you could be liable for as much as $500. If the transaction in question is signature-based, you will not be held liable for any funds lost. If you are calling from... and calling during these hours... Then call this number to report your card lost or stolen the local calling area of Spokane, WA 7 am - 6 p  More...
  • 4. How do I dispute a charge on my credit or debit card? Views: 137
    Please click this link to start the dispute form. You will need a valid email address to start this electronic signature document.
  • 5. How does a phone number protect me from fraud? Views: 136
    If there is suspected fraud on your account(s) with Global Credit Union we'll call you to report it or, in some cases, to verify that you have authorized a transaction. A phone call can allow us to take immediate action to protect your account and personal information. So, do we have your current phone number(s) on file? If not, please log in to eBranch to send us your phone numbers or visit any Global branch. Please include mobile or secondary numbers you may want us to use. Worried about   More...
  • 6. Tips for keeping your PIN private. Views: 108
    Tip: Keep PINs Private Personal identification numbers (PINs) are everywhere. They enable users to access automated teller machines, make purchases with their debit cards, shop from home, and even unlock their car doors. For each access, it makes sense to choose the same number--which means something to you, but not to anyone else. But, remember, that increases your vulnerability should you divulge or lose your PIN. Never carry your PIN with you or write it on your card, and don't divulge it  More...
  • 7. Blocked card phone scam Views: 67
    Some members have reported receiving automated calls stating that their Global Credit Union debit or credit card has been blocked or suspended and asking them to enter in their 16 digit card number. This call is not from Global Credit Union and the credit union does not use outbound automated call systems. Do not respond to the automated call . Global Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy of your accounts and your personal information. There are constantly new scams attempting to g  More...
  • 8. Equifax data breach Views: 66
    Equifax, one of the nation’s largest credit bureaus, announced September 7 th that they had experienced a data breach potentially exposing millions for identity theft. What you can do: Go to www.equifaxsecurity2017.com to check whether you are one of the 143 million people whose data may have been compromised Set fraud alerts – all bureaus Monitor credit score and activity ( www.annualcreditreport.com ) Review all online accounts Reset account passwords, PIN codes and other log-in  More...
  • 9. Fraudulent text messages (April 2012) Views: 66
    We have received several calls from Idaho members regarding a fraudulent text they received. The text stated it came from the “Credit Union Center” and the card had been deactivated. It then requested they enter in their card information. The originating number was 208-771-5124 but requested they call 207-423-6664. Please do not respond to these text messages. If you receive this type of text please contact us immediately to report it. Global Credit Union is committed to protecting t  More...
  • 10. Be wary of text messages about your account. Views: 60
    The text message that claims to be from your bank/credit union warns about a problem with your account, and urges you to call a phone number or visit a website right away. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, it’s very likely another attempt by a crook to steal your personal information. Many people have gotten wise to “phishing” emails — messages meant to trick recipients into sharing personal information, like bank ac  More...
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