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  • 1. Does Global offer tips for protecting my identity?


  • 2. I was told I should alert my credit and debit card companies before traveling, why? Featured Content
    Imagine checking into a hotel only to find out your credit card accounts have been frozen. Your card issuer will often block your card if unusual activity appears on your account. This is to help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity. So, be sure to call your credit and debit card issuers ahead of time to let them know you'll be out of town--especially if it's an international trip. That way, you won't be blocked from using your credit cards when you need them most. Click here   More...
  • 3. Total account access
    Members with multiple Global Credit Union accounts can easily view multiple accounts or transfer funds online using eBranch. There are two transfer types to choose from with Total Account Access or Account to Account Transfer. Just pick the transfer type that is right for you, fill out the form, sign and return it. It's that simple. Total Account Access* Upon authorization, you can: View balances for all of your Global accounts on one screen Transfer funds between your Global accounts *The o  More...
  • 4. Home Depot card compromise
    Home Depot has confirmed that a breach of their payment systems has occurred and that anyone who has used a debit or credit card at their stores from April 2014 to current could be at risk for fraudulent activity. The compromise does not include PIN’s or transactions completed online. We recommend you monitor your accounts and if you detect suspicious activity, contact us immediately. Also, please review your phone and address in eBranch to verify we have the correct contact information o  More...
  • 5. Shellshock. Global members not affected
    In the news: latest security vulnerability. Global members not affected You may have heard in the news or read articles concerning the latest security vulnerability called Shellshock, a security flaw found in Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems. What is this all about? The defect exists in an application called Bash which runs on Linux platforms in versions up to 4.3. The defect, which has been in the software unnoticed for 22 years, enables an attacker under the right conditions to writ  More...
  • 6. Tips for creating effective passwords:
    Protect Your Password and Your Information Keeping your passwords safe and secure is the best way to keep your information from being seen and used by others. Here are some solutions to password security issues: Create different passwords for different accounts. Using the same password for all your accounts makes it much easier for a hacker to access your information. Use uncommon passwords. There are plenty of options on the keyboard to beef up your password, such as using uppercase and lowerca  More...
  • 7. Blocked card phone scam
    Some members have reported receiving automated calls stating that their Global Credit Union debit or credit card has been blocked or suspended and asking them to press “1” to activate it. This call is not from Global Credit Union and the credit union does not use outbound automated call systems. Do not respond to the automated call . If you receive this type of call or text please contact us immediately to report it. Global Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy of your   More...
  • 8. Fraud text message scam
    Global has just been informed of fraudulent text messages being sent to members to try and coax them into giving out personal information. Please DO NOT respond. Global Credit Union will never ask for your personal information over text message. The following fraudulent messages have been reported: Dear Lucky Winner. Your phone number has been awarded the sum of 800,000 USD, In the western union 2013 Promo .Kindly contact us via SMS with your winning number 98-928-8839 USD by replying this t  More...
  • 9. How do I dispute a charge on my credit or debit card?
    Please click this link to download the dispute form.
  • 10. Why was my card declined?
    We have seen an increase in fraudulent activity originating in New York and North Carolina since the beginning of May. To help protect your accounts, we have implemented a transaction limit of $275 for all Global credit and debit card signature based/ card present transactions . Any transaction that comes through as card-present for $276 or more will automatically be denied. Any internet or phone transaction originating in these areas will not be affected by this restriction. We are working t  More...
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