How do I add a payee?
Enter the name of the payee in the Pay Someone New section at the top of the Make Payments screen.  Commonly used payees may be suggested if you enter a recognized name.  You may select a suggested payee or you may continue to manually enter the payees name and click the Add button. 

Note that in the case of some commonly used payees the address will not be needed as it may already be on file. 
Follow the on screen prompts as indicated to enter all the required information.

How do I update a payee's account number or address?
From your list of payees, click on the Options button, then click on Account information. You can then edit the information and click Save.

Note: If the Address fields are not editable, don’t worry, that means we have a payment relationship with that payee and get payment
delivery instructions directly from them.


When will the payment I authorized be debited from my account?
Regardless of the payment method (electronic or check), the amount of the payment will be deducted from your account within 1-2 business days of the payment processing date.  However, funds must be available in your funding account on the day that the payment is authorized per the terms of service.

What is an e-Bill?
e-Bills are an electronic version of the paper statement or bill you would normally receive via mail.  They are very convenient because they can be delivered to you faster than anything you would receive via traditional mail.  Also you can set up email notifications and automatic payments based on your e-Bills.  To view a list of tips and FAQs, click on the Learn More button located on the Make Payment screen.

How can I enroll a payee in e-Bills?
For payees that offer e-Bills, you will be prompted to set this up at the time that you add the payee.  If you decline at that time, you may also add it later.  To do this click the "e-bill" link and follow the online instructions. You should begin receiving your bill online within 1-2 billing cycles.