Orange County's Credit Union holds paperless titles on all vehicles financed with us.  That means that even if you visit the branch to pay off your loan, we will not have the actual title available.  Once you pay off your loan, we will send the DMV electronic notification to release your title.  The DMV will then mail the title directly to you.  The title is mailed to the address on the most recent vehicle registration.

If you need to get your title sooner, we can help.  When you pay off your loan you can ask for DMV form 227 Release of Lien.  This form is notarized by the Credit Union and certifies that we no longer hold an interest in the vehicle.  You can then visit the DMV and use that form to request your title or transfer ownership if you are selling the vehicle.

Also, please note that we will only provide a release of lien when you pay off in cash or with other available funds.  If you pay off the loan with a check from another bank or credit union, there is a risk that the check might be returned.  This is why the release might not be immediately issued.  You can also pay off the loan by transferring any available funds in your checking or savings account. 

A branch visit is not necessary.  Once the final payment is transferred from your savings or checking, you may contact us to request a release of lien.  You can also wait for the DMV to mail you the title as first mentioned.  The DMV typically takes about 4 weeks to do this.  If your address on your registration is outdated, we suggest you submit a change of address to the DMV before the payoff takes place.