Please submit this form if you have sent a payment using Orange County's Credit Union's Bill Pay services and your payment has not arrived. Please note that you should allow a minimum of three business days for electronic payments to arrive and five business days for check payments to arrive in accordance with our Bill Pay Disclosure. If you are unsure as to how your payment was sent, you may confirm if it was electronic or by check in the Reports area of Bill Pay.

By submitting this form, Orange County's Credit Union will initiate a research request of the payment in question. This may include contacting your payee directly to confirm posting and reissuing a payment in some cases. Please allow 3-7 business days for a resolution. We will contact you via Secure Support once the research has been completed.

First lets confirm you identity. Tell us about yourself:
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Now tell us about your payment and your payee. Please use a recent statement from this payee to get the payment address and phone number. The information you entered in Bill Pay when initially adding the payee may be out dated.
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