To add a new payee within Bill Payment please follow these steps (Note that you must already be logged in to your account, and on the Bill Payment screen before starting with these steps):

  1. Click on Make Payments to access the main Bill Payment screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Pay Someone New section.  Enter the payee name.  If you are adding a payee that we already know, you may see suggested names start to appear.  

  3. Click on Continue once the name has been entered.  
  4. Enter any necessary information in the following screen.  You will always be asked for the account number.  The address will only be needed if the payee is not an electronic payee that we have record of.  

  5. Once all the necessary information has been added you will be presented with the details of your new payee.

You are finished adding a payee.  You may click on Go to Make Payments to be taken back to your payee list.  You may also make a payment to this payee from the Make Payments screen.