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  • 1. Tons of Ways to Save Money Views: 106
    Terms of Use Transportation Airline Fares Car Rental New Cars Used Cars Auto Leasing Gasoline Car Repairs Insurance Auto Insurance Homeowner/Renter Insurance Life Insurance Banking/Credit Checking Savings and Investment Products Credit Cards Auto Loans First Mortgage Loans Mortgage Refinancing Home Equity Loans Housing Home Purchase Renting a Place to Live Home Improvement Major Appliances Utilities Electricity Home Heating Telephone Service Other Food Purchased at Markets Prescription Drugs F  More...
  • 2. Quick Cost Cutting: Cable or Satellite TV Views: 59
    Terms of Use For quick cost cutting on your cable or satellite TV expenses, try this : Shop around. Whether you are considering switching from cable to satellite or vice versa, there are lots of deals available. Find out about special offers. Be sure to contact your present provider to see whether they are willing to extend their promotion to existing customers. Ask for a price break. Call your existing company and see whether there are ways to reduce your bill. Check out discounts for   More...
  • 3. Quick cost cutting: gasoline Views: 39
    Terms of Use: With gasoline prices rising fast and furiously, there has never been a better time to tune up your car and practice energy wise driving techniques. Below is a list of tips that will not only improve your car's gas mileage, but also improve your car's overall performance and safety while reducing wear and tear on your car's engine. Driving Tips The first place to start is to drive smart. By simply practicing efficient driving techniques you can improve your car's fuel economy by mor  More...
  • 4. Quick Cost Cutting: Food Expenses Views: 38
    Terms of Use: For quick cost cutting on your food expenses, try this : If you buy lunch each day, try brown-bagging it instead. If you brought the same items you purchased at the deli or restaurant, you could likely save at least half the cost. If you are hooked on a daily latte, you could cut your cost in half by ordering a misto (brewed coffee with steamed milk, as opposed to espresso with steamed milk). Of course, skipping the coffee shop and brewing your own is cheaper yet. If you wan  More...
  • 5. Quick Cost Cutting: Property Taxes Views: 33
    Terms of Use: For quick cost cutting on your property taxes, try this : Contact your local assessor's office and find out what property taxes your neighbors are paying. If your house is comparable but your tax bill is higher, you may want to challenge it. Act quickly after you receive your assessment if you decide to challenge it. On your property tax statement, be sure to read the description of your home. An overstatement of your square footage or the number of bathrooms, for example, cou  More...
  • 6. How can I set and manage a family budget? Views: 30
    Terms of Use This article is from a series of articles about giving your children the life-skills necessary to effectively manage their money. To go to the table of contents, click here. Set and manage a family budget Budgets: The Heart of a Financial Plan Budgets -written lists of income and expenses- let both adults and kids establish priorities and control spending, and these habits will ultimately result in saving money. Involve your kids in the creation and management of your budget. Most  More...
  • 7. Saving money when buying food Views: 26
    Terms of Use: You can save money on your food bill by planning before you go to the store. Planning includes keeping in mind your family's needs. The basic needs to remember are: What does my family like? How many of us will be eating? What do the kids or older people need? Is it too hard to make? How much money do I have for food? Will we be eating away from home, so that I should buy less food? Will friends and relatives come over for meals? Another important part of food shopping is p  More...
  • 8. Quick Cost Cutting: Prescription Drugs Views: 24
    Terms of Use: For quick cost cutting on your prescription drugs, try this : Cut your bills in half by buying generic drugs instead of name brands. Buy your prescriptions via mail order through a drugstore chain or your company health plan. Slice your pills. Sometimes you can save money by asking your doctor to prescribe a double dosage of a drug and then splitting the pills in half. Shop around. Pharmacies sometimes charge very different prices for the same drugs.
  • 9. Saving money on energy costs Views: 22
    Terms of Use: NO COST TIPS Eliminate Wasted Energy Turn off appliances, lights, and equipment when not in use. You can also save by unplugging electronic devices and chargers when they are not in use. Don't forget to turn computers and printers off at the power strip. Turn Up Your Thermostat During warm weather months, set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher when you are home, and 85 degrees or off when you are away. Using ceiling or room fans allows you to set the thermostat higher beca  More...
  • 10. Quick Cost Cutting: Electricity Views: 22
    Terms of Use: For quick cost cutting on your electricity bill , try this : Contact your utility company . Many offer a free home-energy audit . You may find that making simple changes like running the dishwasher at night rather than during the day could reduce your electric bill by up to 40 percent . Off-peak rates and other options can save you $ 100 a year . Be sure to check out the savings possible under load management programs , too . With these programs , you can get discounts   More...
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