There are a few reasons why these cards might not work.

  1. Most likely the strip on the back has been demagnetized and a new card needs to be ordered.
  2. Another problem is that there may not be enough funds available in the account or a deposit was made recently and the card has not been updated.
  3. If this is a new ATM/Debit card, you need to use it in an ATM once to get it activated before you can use the card to make purchases.  If it is a new credit card, please call the 800 number that came with the card to activate it.
  4. You may have entered the wrong pin number too many times. This will warm your card (keep it from working), and is a security feature. If you think this is the case you will need to change the pin number by coming into one of the PCCU branches or by contacting us.

If you feel the problem may be either the first or second answer above, please contact us using the link below.