December 2012
Beginning December 6, 2012, same-sex couples (including couples in a state-registered domestic partnership) could apply for a marriage license in Washington State.

Under the new law, any PEBB enrollees in an existing same-sex domestic partnership registered in Washington State will automatically be converted to marriage after June 30, 2014, except:

  • When a same-sex domestic partnership is in the process of dissolution, or
  • When at least one person in the same-sex domestic partnership is age 62 or older.

The law made no change to opposite-sex domestic partnerships in which one person is age 62 or above.

For purposes of eligibility, the PEBB Program will accept same-sex domestic partnerships validated in other states.

How should I complete PEBB enrollment forms?

  • You may use the spouse fields and include the date of marriage to enroll your same-sex spouse.
  • You must use the domestic partner fields to enroll a state-registered domestic partner.
  • You must provide proof of eligibility within PEBB’s enrollment timelines or family members will not be enrolled.

Subscribers enrolling a same-sex spouse must also complete and submit PEBB’s Declaration of Tax Status form to declare whether their spouse is a tax-qualified dependent. The subscriber also must complete and submit the form if the tax status changes for an enrolled same-sex domestic partner, same-sex spouse, or the children of a same-sex partner or spouse.

When a marriage or domestic partnership ends due to divorce or dissolution, the subscriber must notify his or her employer (if an employee) or the PEBB Program (all other members) no later than 60 days after the change in family status. This will remove the ineligible family member from PEBB health coverage.

To apply for a marriage license in Washington, go to your county auditor’s office.

Requirements for domestic partnership registration are available from the Washington Secretary of State’s office and at