It depends on whether the main subscriber on the account has retired, is no longer working or is still working and covered by PEBB insurance.
  1. If the subscriber is already retired or no longer working and covered by PEBB insurance, Medicare pays first and PEBB pays second.
  2. If the subscriber is still working and covered by PEBB insurance, then PEBB pays first and Medicare pays second.

For retirees with Medicare:
  • Most services are covered – at least in part – by Medicare. So your PEBB coverage helps to fill in the gaps and can provide coverage for important services and supplies that are not covered by Medicare. Prescription drugs are an example of an important benefit that is not covered by Medicare. With Medicare and PEBB coverage you can have more comprehensive coverage than with Medicare alone.
  • No matter which PEBB insurance you pick, you always get all of your Medicare benefits. What Medicare pays and what PEBB pays and what you pay depend on which insurance you pick. Compare plans by checking here.