The fastest way is to order it online by going to

What is

Vitachek is an authorized government service provider. The State Office of Vital Statistics refers people to this service for online orders. Vitachek’s fees are about $15 for marriage or birth certificates plus processing and shipping fees. You pay on their website via credit card over their secure network. The Health Care Authority does not endorse this one service provider, you may use any service provider. Vitalchek is registered with the Better Business Bureau and is a trusted website.

Note: If a birth certificate is in a foreign language, the PEBB Program requires a notarized translation of the document. To obtain a notarized translation of your birth or marriage certificate, you can contact The Accurate Translator, LLC at 602-773-1380 or visit them online at

What other options are there for getting birth or marriage certificates in the U.S.?

You can contact the vital statistics office in the state where you or your dependents were born or married. We cannot provide a list of all vital records offices, their fees records, or the information they may require to locate a record.