If you were enrolled in a PEBB plan with a Health Savings Account (such as UMP CDHP) during 2015: Read more.

If you just enrolled in UMP CDHP during open enrollment, a health savings account will automatically be set up for you by HealthEquity (the health savings account trustee). Only new UMP CDHP members will receive a welcome packet from HealthEquity with information about their Health Savings Account (HSA) in mid- to late December. The welcome packet will include a debit card you can use for qualified medical expenses that draws funds from your HSA. The packet includes instructions on how to activate your card and account. If you don't receive your packet by January 1, call HealthEquity at 1-877-873-8823.

Your employer will begin making monthly deposits to your HSA in January. Deposits are posted at the end of the month ($58.34 each month for individual accounts/$116.67 each month for family accounts) for each month you are enrolled. (For non-Medicare retiree subscribers, PEBB makes the deposits.)

If you want to have additional money withheld from your paycheck and deposited into your HSA on a pre-tax basis, check with your employer’s payroll department. Most, but not all, employers offer this capability. You’ll need to fill out an HSA payroll deduction form PDF and return it to your payroll department. If your employer doesn’t offer this, you can still make your own contributions to your HSA and subtract what you have contributed from your taxable income. Call HealthEquity at 1-877-873-8823 for details.