The plan covers mental health services for treatment of neuropsychiatric, mental, and personality disorders, including eating disorders. Marriage or family counseling is not covered. The amount the plan pays depends on the provider's network status. See "UMP CDHP: How Much Will I Pay? (Medical Services)."

Your provider must notify the plan upon admission when you receive the following services:


Services are considered "inpatient" when you are admitted to a facility. Non-emergency inpatient services must be preauthorized by the plan. Contact UMP Customer Service at 1-888-849-3681 about preauthorization requirements. See the bullets above for services requiring plan notification.

The plan pays for these services according to the network status of the provider, unless your condition is a medical emergency. All covered professional services are paid based on the allowed amount.


ALERT! See "Coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy" for related preauthorization requirements.

Outpatient mental health services are covered the same as any other medical service. The plan pays based on the allowed amount and the network status of the provider. Most outpatient mental health services do not require preauthorization; see bullets above for services requiring plan notification.

ALERT! Services must be provided by a covered provider type.