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UMP Plus: The providers listed below, with the exception of naturopathic physicians, are considered ancillary providers.

Yes, the plan covers alternative medical care provided by:

However, alternative practitioners may recommend services that are not covered by the plan. All services must be medically necessary to be covered. If a service is excluded from UMP Classic, UMP CDHP, or UMP Plus benefits, it is not covered even if it is medically necessary. If you receive services that the plan doesn't cover, you may have to pay the full cost of the services.

Alternative medicine services that are not covered

The plan doesn't cover:

  • Herbs, herbal supplements, or herbal remedies.
  • Homeopathic remedies, even if prescribed.
  • Dietary supplements, including vitamins and minerals (see exceptions).
  • Services that are not medically necessary, or that are excluded from UMP benefits.

See "Related Items" below for more information on how specific services are covered. You pay the applicable coinsurance depending on the network status of the provider.