We have a saying around here that we share with employees: “Treat members like they’re Dean Egan.” Dean Egan was a member who held account number one. You read that right, number one! Our account numbers are now seven digits long, 57 years after our start. Mr. Egan was among a handful of founding members who were connected by their state employment and a desire to provide access to fair rates for saving and borrowing to fellow public employees. They formed your credit union in 1957 and Dean remained a member ever since. We were sorry to learn that Dean passed away in early August. For many years he and his late wife Lillian were regulars in the Olympia Branch, always smiling and chatting with the branch staff about what they were up to before health issues took their toll.

Treating every member like member number one means no matter how large the balance is in your account or whether you wear a suit or shorts and a t-shirt, we strive to give your our best service every day. We take the time to get to know you – and your dreams. Dean Egan and his fellow founders helped ground this credit union in a foundation of service to others. Their legacy lives on and provides us direction on how to serve you every day. We’ll go on treating members like Dean Egan, because each of you is a “number one” to us. Bring us your dreams and put us to the test.