Are you looking for a way to make a difference at a local level? Would you like to be involved during an exciting time of change as we focus more deeply on our communities and expand with purpose?
If so, we’re looking for potential candidates who are interested in serving as volunteer leaders on our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Here is some information about the responsibilities and roles of our elected volunteers.
Ask yourself these two questions:
  • Do you believe in supporting our community of members and the communities in which they live?
  • Do you believe in contributing your time and talent to your member-owned cooperative?
Credit union leaders are created, not born. As with leadership in other cooperatives, WSECU’s volunteer leaders come from the membership ranks. These dedicated individuals provide the vision for WSECU and oversight of its management for the benefit of all. The reward for their commitment is witnessing how their efforts help WSECU stay on solid financial ground, which enables us to focus our efforts on providing our members with the best service possible.
A little about us
Focusing on our members is always a top priority and providing products and services that meet their needs at every stage of life is a continuing goal. Our relationship with those we serve goes beyond simply opening a checking account or approving a loan; it extends to giving them support, assistance and solutions…and sometimes just offering a sympathetic ear.
Another priority is expanding the level of involvement in our communities. Sponsorships, participation and financial education efforts in the areas we serve will be stepped up in the coming year.
We are also an employer who is well known for providing a supportive work environment, competitive compensation and a premier benefits package. As a result, we have an outstanding staff of dedicated individuals who excel in their jobs and treat our members like family.
WSECU’s foundation is volunteer leadership comprised of members who step forward to take an active role in setting the direction and strategy of the credit union. Our continuing financial soundness is due to the experience and strength of our elected volunteers and management team. The collaboration and decision-making of our volunteer leaders and management is a tradition that has served us well and will continue to do so in the years to come.
WSECU was founded in 1957 by a group of like-minded state employees who wanted a better way to handle their finances. We currently stand at $2 billion in assets and over 195,000 members.
What does the Board of Directors do?
Our nine-member Board sets the direction for WSECU by the development and oversight of a strategic plan. Board Members set policies to guide the operations of the credit union in a sound financial direction in accordance with laws, regulations and credit union bylaws. They hire, determine duties, compensate and evaluate the performance of the President/CEO.
Officers include a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. The Chair appoints each Board Member to lead or serve on various committees.

What does the Supervisory Committee do?
Our four-member Supervisory Committee fulfills the role of oversight for the Board of Directors and the WSECU membership by ensuring that credit union practices safeguard member assets. They monitor the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls and performance of both internal and external auditors in compliance with laws, regulations and credit union bylaws.
Take a look at the FAQs  for more information.
If this sounds like a way you’d enjoy making a difference, we’re accepting candidate applications for our 2015 Volunteer Elections through Oct. 17, 2014. There will be three seats up for election on your Board of Directors and two seats on your Supervisory Committee. All positions serve three-year terms.
If you have the time and desire to serve as an elected volunteer, please call 800.562.0999 x10128 or write to:

Carole J. Washburn, Chair

WSECU Nominating Committee
Olympia, WA 98507