There’s a brand new way for you to choose or change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) on your WSECU credit, debit or ATM card. And the best news is that you now have access to do this anytime – when it’s convenient for you.
New cards:
  • A quick call to the number listed on the sticker on the front of the card (866.861.5416) will activate it and let you select a PIN.
Instant Issue cards: ​
  • Your card is active and ready to use.

Replacement cards:
  • If the card number is the same as your previous card, your PIN will not change.
  • If the card number is different from your previous card, you will need to choose a new PIN when you activate the card.
Three easy ways to change an existing PIN*:
  1. By calling 866.861.5416
  2. At any WSECU ATM (you must know your current PIN)
  3. At any WSECU branch
Credit Card PINs
  • Joint cardholders can no longer have a different PIN from the primary cardholder.
If you forget or lose your PIN:
  • Call our Contact Center at 800.562.0999 and we’ll give you a hand.
Please note:
  • We will no longer be sending PINs through the mail.
  • We are no longer able to change PINs at our branches.
Questions? Give us call!  
*Existing PIN required.