AAA prefers that members use its emergency road service whenever possible. However, there may be times when AAA services are not available such as during times extreme weather conditions or the lack of a AAA contractor in a particular area. In these cases our members may submit a reimbursement form with their original paid receipts for reimbursement consideration. Please be sure to always keep copies for your files.

For your convenience, print and fill out the forms located under the ‘Membership’ drop down menu. 

You may email this to or fax to 1-888-686-2510. If you prefer, you may mail this to AAA Automotive Services P.O. Box 24502, Oakland, CA 94623.

Please note that receipts received after 60 days from the date service was rendered may not be considered for reimbursement. All receipts must include the name and Membership number of a valid AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah member.