Q.  What if I am a current member and want to rejoin at this special rate?

A.  The Groupon offer is for new members only, but we appreciate your membership. That's why we continue to introduce new member benefits, and why we offer special discounts exclusively for members. By using your membership card to get shopping (e.g., Payless ShoeSource, Dell), dining (e.g., Hard Rock CafĂ©, Oceanaire), and travel (e.g., Hertz, Best Western) discounts, your AAA membership could pay for itself. And only AAA members get the best roadside assistance available anywhere.


Q.  I would like to purchase this as a gift. Can I do so?

A.  Absolutely, as long as the recipient is a resident in Hoosier Motor Club's territory.


Q.  I want to add my spouse and/or child to the membership. Can I do so?

A.  Yes, when you activate your membership through the confirmation link provided through Groupon.com, you may add your spouse, child, or any household member onto the membership for just $49.00 each.


Q.  I live in another state. Can I purchase this membership?

A.  No, you have to be a reside in Hoosier Motor Club Territory to take advantage of this special offer.


Q.  Do you know when a Groupon offer will be available in my area?

A.  No, we do not know when, or if, any other region's AAA club will be featured in Groupon. While every AAA club operates under the same general principles, we do have small operational differences, and one of those differences is location-specific marketing teams.


Q.  When will you be offering Groupon again?

A.  This is a special offer. At this time, we do not have any specifics regarding when, or if, a Groupon will be offered in this area again.


Q.  I missed the Groupon deal and want to sign up. Can you extend the offer to me?

A.  No, we are under strict Groupon.com guidelines and cannot offer the deal outside the specified timeframe.

Q.  I currently have a membership which does not expire for several months.  Can this be used to add a year to my current membership?

A.  No, this offer is valid on new AAA memberships only.

Q.  I purchased a AAA membership though Groupon. Now what? How do I activate my AAA membership?

A.  Go back to the Groupon.com site. Click on your purchases - "My deals." Click on the "print" link to pull up your Groupon purchase, and it will provide a special AAA.com link for you to easily activate your AAA membership. Enter the 16 digit Groupon code that is provided on your Groupon confirmation and your membership will be active within 3 days.