Free AAA Basic Membership Renewal

Sprint will pay your annual renewal fees for AAA Basic membership as long as one line on your Sprint account has the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium price plan.

Sprint will only begin paying your Basic membership renewal after you have paid your first year membership fee.

AAA members also enjoy 25% off most Sprint accessories (excludes all Apple and Beats branded accessories, smart watches and other select iconic/top‐selling device accessories).

AAA Plus, Premier, and RV Memberships

If you have a AAA Plus or AAA Premier membership, Sprint will apply a credit of the Basic membership value to your account and you will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Register to Participate in the Sprint Offer

To participate in this offer, register your AAA membership at

May take four to six weeks before credit on AAA membership is applied.

For more information about the Sprint offer for AAA members, see the Sprint FAQ page.