RV and motorcycle towing up to 100 driving miles, as well as RV tire change service, are available as an option. It entitles you to a total of four RV or motorcycle tows or RV tire change service calls, per household each membership year. You'll be eligible to call for an RV or motorcycle tow or RV tire change as soon as you receive your valid new card(s) noting "RV" or seven days after receipt of your payment, whichever is earlier. Certain limitations on motorcycle towing apply. Service will not be provided except on hard road surfaces regularly traveled by private passenger automobiles. Service will not be provided when the disabled vehicle cannot be safely reached or serviced without damage to the vehicle or servicing equipment. You or your adult or dependent associate must be with the RV or motorcycle to receive service. RV and Motorcycle Towing & RV tire change benefits are subject to the provisions of the Member Guide.