First, verify that you entered your login information correctly.

If your information is correct, please ensure you’re a AAA Northway member. If you’re a member of another AAA club, you won’t be registered in our database. 

The first 6 digits of your member number should be 438 104. If the first 6 digits of your member number are different than this, it means you’re a member of another AAA club and will need to visit their website to access your online account.

To access the correct AAA website, visit and enter the zip code associated with your membership. This will redirect you to the AAA website in that area.

If you are a AAA Northway member, please ensure you’ve previously set up an online account. When you join AAA Northway you’ll receive email communications, but you’ll need to set up an online account to access your account information. 

Click here and enter your email address into the correct field to determine if you’re currently registered in our online system or not. A message of either "This email address has not been used." or "This email address is already in use, please try logging in with that email address or resetting your password." will be displayed indicating whether or not the email address entered is in our database or not.

If you’re certain that you are a AAA Northway member and have registered an online account but still can’t login, please contact us via email to Support and we’ll assist you in accessing your online account. You may also call 1-877-222-8283.